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  • 「普段でも使える防災アプリ」防災セーフティマップ

  • 「望みの場所に1秒でも早く」 周辺クイックコンパス

  • オフラインで使用できるコンパス地図アプリ PICOM ピコム


A unique compass app PICOM (Picture Compass) for iphone Now Available on App Store.

 PICOM is "Picture Compass", a unique navigation app by the combination of "Image" and "Compass". Create your multi-locations map easily. 

 • Show multi-locations' direction by compass immediately. Easy to change target. 
 • Resister Image or Photo to locations and make it easy to know what is where           visually. Be able to use as album. 
 • Switch to Map easily  • Change easily whether certain location is displayed or not 
 • intuitive and user-friendly UI 

     ・Title:PICOM - (Picture Compass) (ver 1.00)
     ・Category: Navigation
     ・Released day:Feb-06, 2014
     ・Enable devices:iphone (iOS7.0 later)
     ・Language : English (Japanese in Japan)
     ・Support URL:http://sftfapp.blogspot.com/

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